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EEU cooperate with a wide variety of international organizations to develop the energy market and the environment. We provide a forum for encouraging collective actions for common solutions and help leverage resources as we seek to manage ongoing and emerging environmental threats in new ways.


EEU strongly recommends to our visitors the following organizations for a collaboration:

International Energy Agency
Founded in 1974, the IEA was initially designed to help countries co-ordinate a collective response to major disruptions in the
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Energy Charter
The roots of the Energy Charter date back to a political initiative launched in Europe in the early 1990s, at
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International Energy Forum
The International Energy Forum (IEF) aims to foster greater mutual understanding and awareness of common energy interests among its members. The 72 Member
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International Renewable Energy Agency
The proposal for an international agency dedicated towards renewable energy was made in 1981 at the United Nations Conference on
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International Solar Alliance
There is no specific body in place to address the specific solar technology deployment needs of the solar resource rich
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The internal market in natural gas, which has been progressively implemented since 1999, aims to deliver real choice for all consumers in the Community.

It is necessary to specify the criteria according to which tariffs for access to the network are determined, in order to ensure that they fully comply with the principle of nondiscrimination.

Gas Regulation (EC) 715/2009 requires ENTSOG to develop the TYNDP on a biennial basis. The principal aim of the TYNDP is to provide a consistent view of the pan-European gas infrastructure

Regulation (EC) № 715/2009 and its amendments require ENTSOG to provide a Union-wide platform where all Transmission System Operators for gas shall make their relevant data publicly available.


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