Energy Excellence with Us (EEU)

Management Team

Roberto Cavallaro



Mr. Roberto Cavallaro has more than 30 years experience as adviser in international law, in financial markets, already visiting professor at some universities, essayist and author of books on international and humanitarian law, Founder and President of Open Europe Foundation and Italian Institute of Micropatrology,  working as CEO for important companies and with high experience in the energy industry. He also served on several supervisory and management boards.


Diego Moscheni

Political Adviser


Mr. Diego Moscheni has an experience in international cooperation, and held the position as Honorary Consul at Bosnian Herzegovinian Honorary Consulate in Treviso, Italy, Vice president of an organization of professionals, small and medium enterprises with more than 120,000 members in Italy.


Jose Maria Encinas  Duran

Senior Advisor


Mr. Jose Maria Duran Encinas  has more than 25 years experience in international affairs. His main focus was on investments, venture capital M&A and development of the companies, including those from the energy industry, even in the countries of Central and South America.


Vlad Mihai Ursache

Business Area Manager


Mr. Vlad Mihai Ursache has a degree in law, with more than 10 years experience expecially in the energy industry, has worked with important companies such as Emerson and an important TSO from the gas industry.


It has an active role in our organization and can be represented. Can be elected and can express his option by vote. Can participate for free on European Energy Union summits, forums, events, workshops and his image or logo will be present in our publications.

Associated Partners

Can express opinions, recommendations on energy matters. Can participate for free on European Energy Union summits, forums, events and workshops.


Can assist to some working groups and can participate trough internet on some workshops. Can participate for free on European Energy Union summits, forums, events and workshops.

Legal Commission

Composed by professionals (individuals and law companies). Members have access to legal opinions, regulations and documents in the working groups. Can participate for free on European Energy Union summits, forums, events and workshops.

Membership Application



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Our interest and the interest of European Union is to have a fair competition in wholesale energy markets.


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