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Network code on requirements for grid connection of generators Course

5 – 6 September, Cluj-Napoca, Iocal University

This course will reveal in detail the purpose of the Network Code, rules for grid connection for power-generating modules, legal framework for grid connections and the conditions of a fair competition in the internal electricity market.

European Security of Gas Supply Summit 2018

European Energy Union19 November, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

European Security of Gas Supply Summit 2018 is an opportunity for the EU Member States, Autorities and stakeholders to understand the impact of the new rules from the new Regulation of security of gas supply and to collaborate even more one with each other in order to achive the goal of a secure Europe and to enforce each part, each region of Europe.


REMIT Regional Workshop is intended for energy companies and NRAs at a regional level. We have set-up 4 working groups and the registration is open even for Stakeholders.The main purpose of regional Workshops is to analyze in a specific group the REMIT, his Implementing Act, ACER Guidances and technical documents. Security of data reporting and ARIS collection system will be analyzed as also.

Regional Groups:

Second session

RG 1 – HU, RO, BG, EL, CY on 8 November 2018

RG 2 – HU, AT, SI, HR, SK, CZon 15 November 2018

RG 3 – AT, SI, IT, FR, MT, ES, PT, MT on 22 November 2018

RG 4 – DE, PL, BE, NL, DK, CZ, SK, SE, FI, EE, LV, LT, LU, UK on 29 November 2018



REMIT Local Workshop is intended for energy companies at a national level. For each European country we have a one-time a year Workshop and the registration can be made based only on received invitation.

The main purpose of local Workshops is to analyze the main obligation from REMIT and his Implementing Act, to analyze ACER Guidances and technical documents such as TRUM, MOP or XML reporting schemas. Security of data reporting and ARIS collection system will be analyzed as also.

We gather together the national energy companies in public Workshop in order to reach the goal of European regulations increasing integrity, transparency and a fair competition in energy markets.

Join us at the local Workshop and you will have the opportunity to analyze, debate, interact and exchange information with other market participants. For more information about the Workshop available in your country, please contact us at


2nd REMIT Forum 2018

on 28 November 2018

Join Us


Can Norway be a secure source of energy for Europe ?

Can Norway be a secure source of energy for Europe ?

  According to Minister of Petroleum and Energy Mr. Tord Lien, Norwegian gas accounts for about a quarter of the gas consumption in the EU. New projections show that Norway will be able to supply flexible and reliable gas for many decades, gas that offers an... read more
European Energy Union is a reality in Europe

European Energy Union is a reality in Europe

European Energy Union is a reality in Europe   More than ever, European Union needs to support a concrete alliance of European authorities, EU Member States and energy businesses, in order to ensure European citizens that Europe has secure, affordable and... read more

Mr. Jerzy Buzek Chair Industry Research and Energy (ITRE) Committee at European Parliament, in ACER-CEER Conference that was held in Brussels on 23 and 24 January, declared that well connected energy market in Europe is not enough. European energy market should be well regulated.

In European Union there are major differences between Member States in what the energy legislation is concerned. Watch video conference here.

The role of EEU | Energy Excellence with Us is to stimulate and facilitate the cooperation among energy businesses, to monitor the implementation of European energy legislation and to facilitate and enhance cooperation between national and European authorities, Governments, European Union and wholesale energy market participants across Europe, in order to establish an efficient and transparent energy market, in line with the European Union energy goals. Read More About Us 

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Our interest and the interest of European Union is to have a fair competition in wholesale energy markets.


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