Regulation for green electricity production costs and new smart meter regulation issued by E-Control.

Vienna (18 December 2017) – The new ordinance for green electricity subsidies will bring significant cost benefits to domestic households. In 2017, a domestic budget for the promotion of green energy, including green electricity compost and green electricity subsidy , with an annual consumption of 3,500 kilowatt hours paid around 100 euros gross, in the coming year, this amount will be around 90 euros gross. Theeco-electricity flat rate, which has to be redefined every three years, will also decline for household customers in 2018. And from 33 euros per year to 28 euros per year. “Of course, this is good news for Austrian electricity customers. The calculation part “taxes and duties”, which includes the green electricity costs, will at least be reducedby 8 percent from today’s perspective . “, Rejoices the board of the regulatory authority E-Control, Wolfgang Urbantschitsch. This significant decline in green electricity subsidy costs is mainly due to the additional revenue of the green power handling agency OeMAG in the past, although this is a one-off effect.

Smart meter with more time

The new smart meter regulation was also published. “The new regulation gives network operators more time to equip their customers with digital meters. According to this, at least 95 percent of smart meters must be installed by the end of 2022, “explains E-Control’s CEO Andreas Eigenbauer. So far, a deadline until the end of 2019 was provided for. However, if someone wants to have a smart meter built in, this customer needs to be complied with within six months. “This can be especially the case for those households who are interested in special smart meter tariffs or want to have a photovoltaic system installed,” says Eigenbauer. If a customer rejects the smart meter, it must be configured so that, on the one hand, no monthly,

The regulation for green electricity subsidies will come into force on 1 January 2018.

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