The European Commission approves the measures of the Minister Marie Christine Marghem to guarantee to Belgium a stable supply of electricity.

The measure proposed by Minister Marghem for the establishment of a strategic reserve for the next five years has just been approved by the European Commission.

This makes it possible to strengthen the security of electricity supply in the country while respecting the competition rules in force in Europe.

In concrete terms, this reserve (made up of gas-fired power plants installed in Belgium and capable of rapidly producing a large quantity of electricity to be injected into the grid and of demand management which makes it possible to reduce the consumption of certain industrialists or certain buildings) can be activated in the event that a significant risk of shortage of electricity is identified in the short term, for example in the event of a decrease in the production from renewable energies (lack of wind or sun) , in case of very strong demand during a peak consumption or in case of impossibility to import from neighboring countries.

Such a mechanism is all the more necessary in the Belgian nuclear exit context because, in the long term, it will be necessary to make up for the significant lack of production at our plants.

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