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Dops. Ivan Ivanoc: The “Clean Energy” package is intended to European citizens and represents new responsibilities for the energy regulators

“The European Energy Union is at an important stage in its development, in which the basic directives and regulations of the Clean Energy for Every European package are to be adopted. Achieving the objectives of the Package is entirely consumer-focused and is beneficial to all European citizens, which puts new responsibilities and demands on the Member States’ energy regulatory authorities. KEVR will be an active participant in these processes and will contribute to the realization of our big goal – the creation of a unified European market for trading in electricity and natural gas “, said Ivan Ivanov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Energy Regulator, at the opening of the 4th Output a meeting of the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) under the slogan “CEER Strategy Day” hosted by the CESR.

In his address to the meeting, the chairwoman of the KEVR underlined the leading role of the CEER and ACER organizations as the generator of the new vision of European energy policy. He stressed that the forum is an expression of recognition of the authority of the Bulgarian energy regulator at a time when Bulgaria presides over the Council of the EU. As the main immediate tasks for the CESR, the adoption of the regulatory framework for further development of the wholesale electricity market was established, through the introduction of the last intraday trading segment and the acceleration of the implementation of the Rules on Integrity and transparency of wholesale markets – REMIT. It was pointed out that this would enable the CESR to ensure the transparency of the stock exchange trading of electricity.

To this end, the establishment of a special unit in the SEWR for monitoring and control is pending and an urgent task is to increase its administrative capacity. Another important task of the Bulgarian regulator is the development of the retail market in Bulgaria, said Ivan Ivanov. In its decisions to determine the price of electricity for household consumers, KEVR consistently applies market principles and mechanisms, thus creating the conditions for a natural transition to the forthcoming complete liberalization of the market.

Following the European principles, consumers will be a key focus of regulatory activity, the Commission considers it necessary to create conditions for them to make informed choices through accessible pricing platforms for comparison of suppliers’ offers and greater clarity of electricity invoices. Recognizing the importance of protecting vulnerable consumers in market liberalization, the EBRD, the Ministry of Energy and the Commission’s DG Energy have developed a comprehensive package of measures that include financial and non-financial instruments. This is an established European practice for successfully conducting the process of market liberalization, which prevents the influence of negative factors related to possible social shocks, said Ivan Ivanov.

Regarding the natural gas sector, the chairman of the KEVR said that the diversification of sources and supply routes is of key importance to the national security of our country. He informed about the joint actions taken with the regulators of Greece and Romania to build interconnectors in the Balkans and to achieve gas connectivity as a step towards creating a regional market leading to better prices for consumers and guaranteeing the energy independence of the region and the entire continent. More

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