Advising on the Proposed Methodology for Determining the Amount of Tariff Items for the Public Service of Gas Supply and Guaranteed Provision

Invitation to participate in a public hearing

March 5, 2018 – HERA informs the interested public of the beginning of the public hearing regarding the Proposal of the Methodology for determining the amount of tariff items for the public service of gas supply and guaranteed supply. This way, we invite energy companies and interested and professional public to submit their comments, opinions or responses. The public hearing will be held from 5 March to 19 March 2018 .

Counseling procedure

  1. Explain your suggestions, criticisms and objections to fill out the Complaint Form .
  2. Fill out the filled out form of the comments to the e-mail address: no later than March 19, 2018 . Please, please:
    • in the subject of the e-mail message, mention ” Advice-2018-03 “
    • form the “Advisory-2018-03 IME.docx” form where IME represents the abbreviated name of the representative of the public concerned

Documents we may find it here:


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