International Cooperation in energy

EEU cooperate with a wide variety of international organizations to develop the energy market and the environment. We provide a forum for encouraging collective actions for common solutions and help leverage resources as we seek to manage ongoing and emerging environmental threats in new ways.

EEU aims to:

Provide Members access to an international knowledge base where ideas and best practices are exchanged.
Provide a place and a platform where anyone with an interest in how skills make a difference – from youth, teachers, and institutions to industry and governments, can meet, learn and develop together.

Impact the national, regional, and European energy education agendas and resource distribution.
Create an increased understanding for how important skills training is for energy development.

It is our vision that environmental progress in cooperation in the energy area with global partners can catalyze even greater progress toward protecting our domestic environment including adapting to climate change, ensuring energy security, facilitating businesses, promoting sustainable development in the energy market, and engaging diplomatically in the European Union.


To advance all of these goals, EEU has identified the following international priorities:


  1. Very well regulated energy market in the European Union. A well regulated energy market means clear rules for all Member States in the European Union, the same rules in all the states, independent Regulatory Authorities (not politicized like now) with clear results, more involvement of the European Commission and his Agencies.
  2. Energy investments. Another priority for our association are the investments in the energy area. If the plan is to have a better price on energy as European Union has, then is mandatory to have a sustainable investment, a very good strategy to raise funds for energy projects.
  3. New energy resources. European Union major plan is to get rid of his dependency on one source, Russia, and to have as many sources as possible. International cooperation can provide very good results and important partnerships, but we don’t have to forget that are even more possibilities when we talk about energy sources. Science can be the right way helping us to discover energy sources at a better price than the known ones.
  4. Climate change. More steps need to be done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To make significant progress in reducing the effects of climate change, pollution must be cut throughout Europe and the world. EEU will promote European and global strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants such as methane from landfills and black carbon from cookstoves and diesel engines. These pollutants are damaging especially vulnerable regions such as the Himalayan glaciers and the Arctic.
  5. Air Quality. EEU engages internationally through initiatives to:
    • Support development of air quality management capacity and tools
    • Evaluate and demonstrate technology options
    • Advance understanding of the health, social, economic, and environmental benefits of air pollution control strategies
    • Improve public information and awareness
    • Facilitate cooperative research


For additional information on EEU’s work with International Organizations, contact:
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Our interest and the interest of European Union is to have a fair competition in wholesale energy markets.


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