Regulation No 1775 from 2005

Regulation No 1099 from 2008

Regulation No 713 from 2009 (Establishing an Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators)

Regulation No 714 from 2009 (Conditions for Access to the Network for Cross-Border Exchanges in Electricity)

Regulation No 182 from 2011

Regulation No 1227 from 2011 (REMIT)

Regulation No 1316 from 2013

Regulation No 347 from 2013 (TYNDP)

Regulation No 1348 from 2014 (Imp. REMIT)

Regulation No 256 from 2014

Regulation No 1222 from 2015 (Capacity allocation and congestion management)

Regulation No 631 from 2016 (Network code on requirements for grid connection of generators)

Directive 2009/72/EC repealing Directive 2003/54/ECConcerning common rules for the internal market in electricity


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