EU Member States (plus FYR of Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina) also reported information for 2014 concerning the retailing (sales) sector for natural gas.
The most outstanding changes can be observed in Germany where the total number of retailers went up from 825 in 2013 to 854 retailers in 2014, in the Czech Republic where there was an increase of 18 companies and in Denmark (from 14 companies in 2013 to 20 companies in 2014) . In the United Kingdom, the total number of retailers decreased from 44 in 2013 to 37 in 2014.

Eight main retailers can be found in the United Kingdom. Markets where only one main retailer is dealing with the sales of natural gas are registered in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland.
If one looks to the remaining retail-market, which is the market that is covered by non-main retail companies that have a market coverage of less than 5 %, this market for “minor” retail companies is the largest in Germany (74 %). The market for “minor” retail companies is equal or below 10 % in 6 out of 24 EU Member States that reported this information.
Apart from Latvia, where only one entity dominates the national sales market, figures above 90 % for the largest retail company can be observed in Estonia (97 %) and Lithuania (90 %). A relatively small market penetration for the largest retail company on national level can be observed in Hungary (20 %), followed by Italy (25 %). Germany did not report information for this indicator. More:

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