European companies will need to take action if they want to develop new projects in the energy area and to grow, they need to attract capital and to develop now their businesses.

Finding investment capital in today’s market is difficult to say the least.  But if you’re going to grow your company knowing where to find capital and how to successfully convince lenders, investors and potential partners is essential.

Finding and securing capital is not as easy as it looks. To do it right it takes a lot of effort and work and we EEU | Energy Excellence with Us we will do our best to attract for you as much capital as needed.

EEU | Energy Excellence with Us will bring a positive contribution to presented projects by giving them political visibility, lacks vision, focus, flexibility and the opportunity to connect with investors with strong liquidity or financial instruments.

The EEU | Energy Excellence with Us invites you to participate in the European energy projects Summit 2018 on 28 – 29 May.
In order to contribute at creating a more favorable context for the development of the energetic companies, the EEU shall promote the presented projects with high diligence.

2017 List of Projects of Common Interest (PCI)

Cluster Belgium — United Kingdom[currently known as “NEMO”], including the following PCIs:

1 Interconnection between Gezelle (BE) and the vicinity of Richborough (UK)
2 Internal line between the vicinity of Richborough and Canterbury (UK)


Cluster Denmark — Germany, including the following PCIs:

1 Interconnection between Endrup (DK) and Niebüll (DE)
2 Internal line between Niebüll and Brunsbüttel (DE)

Cluster Denmark — Germany, including the following PCIs:

1 Interconnection between Kassø (DK) and Audorf (DE)
2 Internal line between Audorf and Hamburg/Nord (DE)
3 Internal line between Hamburg/Nord and Dollern (DE)


EEU | Energy Excellence with Us knows the importance of meeting the right people in the right environment. Our events are invitation only, but if you are interested in attending in person, please contact us at


Our interest and the interest of European Union is to have a fair competition in wholesale energy markets.


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