European renewable energy Forum 2018                  

European Energy Unionwas held on 12 June 2018

EEU | Energy Excellence with Us invites Stakeholders, producers, researchers, CEO’s, Investment Funds and private investors to join us at the Forum.

This is an exciting time present your company or your products and to find out more about the renewable energy market.

The European market is transitioning away from a decade-long discussion around how to enable a sustainable energy matrix, to one focused squarely on how to procure, finance and build world-class clean energy projects in Europe.

Finding investment capital in today’s market is difficult to say the least.  But if you’re going to grow your company knowing where to find capital and how to successfully convince lenders, investors and potential partners is essential. European companies will need to take action if they want to grow, to attract capital and to develop their businesses in the renewable energy area.


EEU | Energy Excellence with Us will bring a positive contribution to presented products, projects by giving them visibility in the market, lacks vision, focus and flexibility.

More than ever is time to promote even more the renewable energy. 

The EEU | Energy Excellence with Us  invites you to participate in the European renewable energy Forum 2018.
In order to contribute at creating a more favorable context for the development of energetic companies, the EEU shall promote the presented products and projects with high diligence.

This year’s event will feature a full day of interactive project showcases, awards for project excellence, a day-long workshop on renewable integration, and a focus on critical themes such as grid resilience, new sources of financing, the implementation of new projects, driving down project soft costs, and much more besides.

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European renewable energy Forum 2018 was an opportunity to position your company, your products and your projects at the heart of the transformation of the energy sector. Whether you seek global visibility or a deep regional impact or gaining investors, to participate at the next Forum you need to email us at

Our sponsors, speakers and delegates are successfully shaping policy, business strategy and investment across the energy industry. The Forum provides several opportunities for those leading the energy transformation to participate.

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Agenda for the European renewable energy Forum 2018 is not available any more.


European renewable energy Forum 2018 was held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


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Registration must be done at least 15 days before the Forum date


EEU | Energy Excellence with Us knows the importance of meeting the right people in the right environment. Our events are invitation only, but if you are interested in attending in person, please contact us at


Our interest and the interest of European Union is to have a fair competition in wholesale energy markets.


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