The first European Security of Gas Supply Summit

on 19 September 2018

European Security of Gas Supply Summit 2018                

European Energy Union 19 September 2018

EEU | Energy Excellence with Us invites European Comission, State Governments, the Competent Authorities of the Member States and stakeholders to joins us on 19 September 2018 at the first European Security of Gas Supply Summit


EEU | Energy Excellence with Us announce the opening of the first  European Security of Gas Supply Summit that will be held in 2018 on 19 September.

In Europe there are in place new rules concerning the security of gas supply and the Member States are required to be more cooperative one with each others. How Europe will face a new gas crisis and how this will affect the European citizens if the European market is not well regulated and not enough connected? Is the European Union prepared to face a new gas crisis if this occurs?

To answer this questions and many others EEU | Energy Excellence with Us invites you to participate in our Summit on 19 September 2018 and be part of a stronger Europe.

Our interest and the interest of the European Union is that the sustainable growth need to be achieved by promoting a more resource-efficient, more sustainable and more competitive economy. We put energy infrastructures at the forefront as part of the flagship initiative ‘Resource efficient Europe’, by underlining the need to urgently upgrade Europe’s networks, interconnecting them at the continental level, in particular to integrate renewable energy sources.


European Security of Gas Supply Summit 2018 is an opportunity for the Member States, Autorities and stakeholders to understand the impact of the new rules from the new Regulation of security of gas supply and to collaborate even more one with each other in order to achive the goal of a secure Europe and to enforce each part, each region of Europe.

Whether you seek to make known your point of view or to find out more answers, you need to email us at until 15 August 2018 or the fill the form.

Our sponsors, speakers and delegates are successfully shaping policy, business strategy and investment across the energy industry. The Summit provides several opportunities for those leading the energy transformation to participate.
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Agenda for the European Security of Gas Supply Summit 2018 will be available in June 2018.


European energy projects Summit will be revealed in May 2018.


There are currently no files attached for this event. Files will be available only for participants after 19 September 2018.

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EEU | Energy Excellence with Us knows the importance of meeting the right people in the right environment. Our events are invitation only, but if you are interested in attending in person, please contact us at


Our interest and the interest of European Union is to have a fair competition in wholesale energy markets.


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