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European energy projects Summit 2018

European Energy Union 28 – 29 May 2018

EEU | Energy Excellence with Us invites European Comission, State Governments, CEO’s, Banks, Investment Funds and private investors.

European Renewable energy Forum 2018

European Energy Union 12 June 2018

EEU | Energy Excellence with Us invites Stakeholders, producers, researchers, CEO's, Investment Funds and private investors.

European Security of Gas Supply Summit 2018

European Energy Union 19 September 2018

EEU | Energy Excellence with Us invites the European Comission, State Governments and the Competent Authorities or the Member States of the European Union and stakeholders to join us

Last event – REMIT Forum 2017

European Energy Union was held on 7 June 2017

Energy Excellence with Us (EEU) invited European Comission and ACER to be part of this event.


EEU | Energy Excellence with Us knows the importance of meeting the right people in the right environment. Our events are invitation only, but if you are interested in attending in person, please contact us at


Our interest and the interest of European Union is to have a fair competition in wholesale energy markets.


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