The President of the German Federal Network Agency, Jochen Homann, calls for more political support for the expansion of German power grids.

The expansion of the network depends crucially on the fact that the policy “stands in the case of protests against new lines and does not fall”.

The network agency is currently receiving a lot of emails from regional and local politics, in which the energy transition is welcomed, but the construction of new lines in the respective region is rejected. “There is still much to do for acceptance,” said Homann. He warned of a new debate over underground cables in AC networks. Anyone who wants to know that the goals of network expansion can not be achieved.

Electricity storage is not yet an alternative to network expansion, stressed Homann. One can store surplus electricity where it originates. “But we can not get him to where he is needed because the nets are not there.” The storage technology will be needed in the future, “but not in the short term”. A speedy expansion of the electricity grids is also necessary so that the EU Commission does not divide Germany into electricity price zones. Nobody could want that.

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