Criteria for the update within the period of the tariff regulation relating to electricity transmission, distribution and measurement services. Final guidelines

Deadline for submission of comments 06 December 2019 


The document contains the Italian Authority’s final guidelines for updating the tariff regulation of electricity transmission, distribution and metering services for the 2020-23 semi-regulatory period.

The consultation follows the publication of the document 287/2019 / R / EEL within which the guidelines were set out of the Authority aimed at updating the regulation of service quality of distribution regulated by the TIQE (Annex A to the resolution 646/2015 / R / EEL), of document 318/2019 / R / EEL in which they were illustrated the guidelines regarding the infra-period update of the tariff regulation of distribution and measurement services with particular reference to the methods of determining the cost recognized to cover operating costs and refinement of some aspects of tariff regulation and document 337/2019 / R / EEL relating to the infrastructure adjustment criteria for the service of transmission.

This document outlines the Authority’s final guidelines in report on the main tariff issues developed in the previous documents for consultation. The relative final guidelines to the output-based regulation of the quality of the transmission and transmission services
distribution have been illustrated in the recent document for the consultation 457/2019 / R / EEL.

Interested parties are invited to send their Authority to the Authority observations and proposals in written form, filling out the appropriate form interactive available on the Authority’s website or by e-mail ( by December 6, 2019.




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