REMIT | MOP (Manual of Procedures) and TRUM (Transaction Reporting User Manual)

Transaction Reporting User Manual (TRUM)

Last update 26 April 2017


ANNEX I – Data fields v1.0                                                                How to submit trading examples for the Annex II of the TRUM

ANNEX II – Examples of transaction reporting                                  Annex II Section 1 – Trade Template

Last update 24 March 2016                                                              Annex II Section 2 – Trade Template

Annex II – Section 1 V1 XML Trade Examples                                  Annex II Section 3 – Electricity Transportation Contract Template

Last update 20 July 2016                                                                  Annex II Section 3 – Gas Transportation Contract Template

Annex II – Section 2 V1 XML Trade Examples

Last update 6 February 2016

ANNEX III – Reporting of REMIT derivatives contracts                       Table 1 vs Schema T1 mapping

under REMIT and EMIR  Last update 6 October 2015                       Table 2 vs Schema T2 mapping

ANNEX IV – Guidance on UTI v1.0                                                      Table 3 vs Schema T3 mapping

Last update 8 March 2016                                                                   Table 4 vs Schema T4 mapping

ANNEX V – Abbreviations v1.0

Last update 26 April 2017



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